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Sputtering System
Sputtering System

Sputtering is a most commonly used PVD technique for thin film deposition. We can offer good quality sputtering system for research and production.

- Vacuum Chamber: 304 stainless steel box chamber, typical size range 18 or 24 inch square – scaled to match the specific application.

- Pumping: High vacuum, Turbomolecular or cryogenic.
- Optional Load Lock: Manual or automatic transfer, high vacuum pumping.  Accommodates various shapes and sized substrates.
- Process Control: PC/PLC based process automation with graphic user interface, recipe control, data logging and remote e-support.
- In-Situ Monitoring & Control: Quartz crystal monitoring, optical monitoring, residual gas analyzer and other in-situ measurement and process control.
- Substrate Fixture: Single, multiple, planetary or custom substrate fixtures.
- Substrate Holders: Heated, cooled or biased, rotating substrate holder.
- Ion Source: Substrate pre-cleaning assisted deposition, nanometer-scale modification of surfaces.
- Deposition Techniques: Magnetron Sputtering RF, DC, Pulsed-DC etc.

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